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Chapter One – Relative Unknown

Eden Braverman hoisted the laundry basket on her hip. “I’m so glad you’re home.”  She looked into the green eyes of the man who was her entire world.  “Did you mean it when you said you were done with the DOD?” Wolfe leaned on his elbow and fluffed his pillow.  “The Department of Defense is in Wolfe Holmes’…

OK. I Failed!

My grand idea was to write write write today and also do my classes. But, something got in the way. Oh, I know what it was. It’s called March Madness! And, the worst part, is none of my teams won… Probably, karma for not doing what I needed to do for my writing career. Since…

What To Do….What To Do

Anyone who knows me, I’m a big sports fan….. March Madness….Illinois is playing. what to do. Watch the game. I will get to my classes and social media today.. just not now. I am also struggling mightily with my tech lack of knowledge. I want, so much, to get comfortable and knowledgeable with Goodreads. I…

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