Just Got Out of Class

I just got out of my “marketing my novel” class with John Fox. It’s daunting but I’m taking a new look and direction about it.

Marketing needs to be challenging but fun. I plan on doing just that. I sat back long enough. I have 3 novels that can be purchased through B&N and Amazon, but until you let people know where they are and what they’re about……well, duh!

I am contacting independent bookstores in my area. The descriptions of my books will, hopefully, encourage them to display them and buy them. I’m not crossing my fingers because that shows fear.

I HAVE NO FEAR……………………..

until next time………….


Published by ritr72

I have been an RN for over 45 years and all my fiction writing uses my nursing as a backdrop. My protagonists are nurses needing to solve mysteries. On a non-fiction note, I'm still working as an RN, raising grandchildren, and writing whenever I can.

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