Relative Unknown – Alternative Start

I would love for all my followers to read this start and the blog titled Relative Unknown that I wrote a few days ago. and let me know which start they like the most

Chapter one

Eden Braverman rolled over and touched the stubbled face of her fiancé., Wolfe Holmes.  His strawberry blond hair fell over his green eyes as he. Turned to face her.  

She loved him so much and he told her he was done doing the bidding of the Department of Defense.  He was going to stay home with her.

Wolfe smiled. “What are you doing?’”

“Watching you?”

“How ‘bout we,” he pulled her close.

The gunfire started in rapid succession.  

Wolfe turned toward the bedroom door, then fell back on the bed as the blood oozed down his face.

Eden was unable to move quickly enough to save herself from the barrage of fire that swept over the bed like a hose of hot water.  She was hit in the chest, then her back as she slid to the floor, grabbing her firearm from the bedside drawer as she fell.  She fired back not aiming at anything other than the noise.

That was the last thing she remembered.

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I have been an RN for over 45 years and all my fiction writing uses my nursing as a backdrop. My protagonists are nurses needing to solve mysteries. On a non-fiction note, I'm still working as an RN, raising grandchildren, and writing whenever I can.

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